ESG Polices / ESG 政策

To fulfill social responsibilities and environmental sustainability, Acute Touch has implemented energy management and strived to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the following polices: 
為履行社會責任與環境永續發展,Acute Touch實施能源管理,努力減少溫室氣體排放,政策如下:


1.     Avoid or Reduce the environmental impact due to business operations, and introducing international standard systems to evaluate the impact on the environment, energy utilization profiles, and sources of greenhouse gas emissions, for the base of continuous improvement.

2.     In response to the impact of climate change on business operation, Acute Touch adopts domestic and international guidelines for energy conservation and carbon emission reduction plans and strategies upon operating conditions and without affecting safety control of equipment operation.
針對氣候變遷對業務營運的影響,Acute Touch根據營運狀況,在不影響設備運作安全控制的情況下,採用國內外指南的節能減碳計畫與策略。

3.     Comply with government environmental regulations, fulfil energy conservation and carbon reduction goals, regularly review energy saving effectiveness, establish relative education and training program with individual responsibility system for comprehensively improve energy efficiency.

4.     Develop innovative business related to the green economy, ensure the the funding benefits the environment and society through investment and the establishment of a green credit system, practice green finance, and enhance service value.